Custom Contact Forms for Website V2

There are new options to add custom contact forms for Website V2. In addition to custom alignment, text, and call to action buttons, you can also set custom contact emails. This makes the contact form more flexible. For example, create different contact forms with different contact emails for sponsors, volunteers, and event questions.

By default, the contact form displays as shown below. The contact email is the race contact email entered in Step 1 of the Race Wizard.

Customize Contact Forms

To add a custom contact form, navigate to Race >> Website V2 (Beta) >> Website Builder. (Learn more about Website V2 for race websites here). From the Website Builder, add a component to any single or two column section. Choose Contact Form.

Now you can customize your contact form! Note that you can also customize any contact form that you previously added to Website V2. First, you can update (or delete) the header for the contact form. For example, “Sponsorship Inquiries” or “Volunteer Questions”.

Next, click the gear in the upper right corner of the contact form component. Here you can override some or all of the default contact form with your custom settings. Note that any field (including contact email) that you leave blank will use the default settings.

Click Save when you finish updates. When you view your Website V2, you’ll see contact forms with your custom content. Additionally, questions send to the specified contact email.

Contact forms make your website functional and professional. Moreover, they prevent your email from getting scraped when it is exposed on a webpage. With RunSignup’s Website V2 contact form, you now have even more customization options. Make the contact form work for any page of your website, and ensure questions and inquiries are directed to the right people at your organization/event. Additionally, custom contact forms are available for organization websites. We continue to add enhanced functionality to Website V2 to make it easy and free for events to have beautiful, unique websites connected to their event data.

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