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With RunSignup’s RaceDay Results, event organizers and timers can effortlessly provide participants with easy access to their performance data. Whether it’s publishing searchable results on the event website or offering on-site access through leaderboards and kiosks, RaceDay Results ensures a seamless experience for participants. Real-time notifications via text, email, and RaceJoy also further enhance the engagement for participants.

RaceDay Results are…


RunSignup enables the instant publication of race results, allowing participants to swiftly retrieve their performance data. Once Finish data is uploaded participants can search for results using bib numbers or names.


Regardless of the scoring software used, timers can utilize RunSignup’s RaceDay Results seamlessly. Timers can upload scored results data from various sources, including RaceDay Scoring, a CSV upload, Dropbox, or a pre-formatted upload.

In Real Time

Events can choose to offer participants with option to receive real-time results notifications via email or text. This can be based based on the timing equipment on the course for real-time progress alerts or just the finish reads.

Top Features for RaceDay Results

Customizable Result Pages

Organizers and timers have the flexibility to design and customize result pages to showcase specific race division data fields, such as:

  • Overall rankings
  • Age group rankings
  • Split times, and more.

Customize the results display to show or hide specific data points like age or city.

Example of Raceday Results

Live Leaderboards

For races with a competitive edge, RunSignup offers live leaderboards that display real-time rankings during the event. These leaderboards can be showcased on big-screen TVs, laptops, or tablets, allowing announcers to acknowledge participants as they cross the finish line.

Results Kiosks

RunSignup Results offer a specially designed for kiosks format option so participants can quickly access results data at the race site.

Results Look-Up in RaceDay CheckIn App

Organizers can make use of the RaceDay CheckIn App for participants too quickly and easily look up their results data. 

Virtual and Challenge Results

RunSignup also caters to virtual and challenge events by offering real-time basic results. Participants have the option to manually enter their data or have their finish data automatically recorded when using RaceJoy.

In addition to the above features, RaceJoy provides another avenue to access real-time results for on-site and virtual events. Participants and tracking spectators receive continuous progress alerts based on GPS data, enhancing their overall event experience.

Step-by-Step Support Guides

All the Latest RaceDay Blogs…

You Should Be Using Video Results

Race organizers and timers can easily add to the race experience by providing video results. This is where a race participant’s result links to a YouTube video capturing the moment they cross the finish line. This adds an exciting dimension to the race experience by allowing participants and spectators to relive those important finish moments.This unique feature often goes underutilized, but it is easy to set up within RunSignup’s platform. This video provides a quick tutorial on how to set things up.

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Improved Results Views

We have made a number of nice improvements to the Results page for race websites, as well as added control of the display during race setup. The features include: Clearer Choices for Viewers This allows for quicker picking of which result year…

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Announcing RaceDay Scoring V4.0 – for Today’s Timers

PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT We are very excited to announce RaceDay Scoring version 4.0! Designed for today’s timers, RaceDay Scoring is a powerful scoring software that has become the go-to solution for scoring and providing official race results at endurance events nationwide, including running,…

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Results Kiosk Using RaceDay CheckIn App

One of the new ways events can use the RaceDay CheckIn app is to provide results to participants at the race site. Events can use the app as a dedicated Results Kiosk enabling participants to access their own results effortlessly. Participants can access their performance data by scanning their bib number or doing a quick bib lookup using a number pad. 

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RaceDay CheckIn v3.2.37 is Now Available!

New release of RunSignup’s RaceDay CheckIn app is available. Key improvements include ability to sign for multiple participant waivers, automatic timeout to View Results feature, configuration setting to auto show camera in kiosk mode, and multiple bug fixes.

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 RaceDay CheckIn App Now with Participant Kiosk Features

We are excited to share the latest new features of the RaceDay CheckIn app. This includes the ability for events to use the app as a dedicated Results Kiosk enabling participants to access their own results effortlessly. Moreover, the new Kiosk Mode, coupled with the enhanced capability to access, modify, and add participant data, now empowers event organizers to utilize the RaceDay CheckIn app for a wide range of scenarios beyond check-ins. 

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RaceDay Scoring v3.3.41 is Now Available!

Feature Updates Made non-HTML custom headers centered in print and print preview exports. Prior to this change, Reports that were using a Custom Section Header would be left justified in print and print preview exports, but center justified when viewing the report…

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RaceDay Scoring v3.3.40 is Now Available!

Feature Updates Added Last Completed Segment Time and Cumulative Time Fields. These will be especially useful for events with many segments as an easy way to track progress using a single field. This in combination with the Last Completed Segment column could…

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RaceDay Scoring for Cross Country Events

This recorded session provides an introduction and overview on how to use RaceDay Scoring’s cross country scoring functionality. It is a great resource for timers currently using RaceDay Scoring and wish to prepare for timing their cross country events. This 30 minute webinar covers everything from definitions and settings related to cross country to team scoring to generating reports for cross country events.

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RaceDay Scoring: Transitioning with Roger Bradshaw

Roger Bradshaw, the founder of well-known Race Director scoring software that has been used to score millions of participants, provides step-by-step guidance on how to transition from The Race Director to its planned replacement, RaceDay Scoring. Roger has played a pivotal role in the design and testing of RaceDay Scoring and ensuring RaceDay Scoring meets the evolving needs of timers. Roger provides timers with detailed guidance on transitioning from The Race Director to RaceDay Scoring.

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