Apple Wallet Email Replacement Tag

RunSignup makes it easy for participants to add their tickets to Apple Wallet, with numerous benefits including less customer service, automated event reminder notifications via Apple Wallet settings, and an even speedier check-in process. We automatically show options to add to Apple Wallet on the confirmation page and confirmation email.

Now you can give participants another chance to add their registration to Apple Wallet through RunSignup’s free Email Marketing

Go to Email V2 >> Send Email in your dashboard. Select participants, or a specific group of participants, to send an email. Note that the Apple Wallet replacement tag is only available for participants since it’s tied to their registration information. Then create an email. The Apple Wallet Replacement tag is now available to add.

RunSignup continues to add features that make registration even easier, with Apple Wallet in August and Apple Pay in July. The option for participants to add tickets to their Apple Wallet also makes check-in even faster as attendees have their QR code readily available for fast scanning with the CheckIn App.

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