QR Codes for Custom Source Tracking Links

One of the most powerful RaceInsights features on your dashboard is the ability to create custom source tracking links. Track website views, sign ups, and donations from any source with a unique tracking link. In addition to URLs, you can now save and copy QR codes for custom source tracking links. This makes it easy to leverage custom source tracking on posters, flyers, signs, and more.

Navigate to Promotion >> Source Tracking Codes. Create a new code, or click the link icon on an existing code. Right click to Copy the QR code for either the race website or first step of registration.

One example of how races use QR Codes for Custom Source Tracking Links is on Race Day posters that participants scan to sign up. By using a QR Code with a custom source tracking link, you’ll see detailed data on how many people registered from their phones on site. Another example is putting up posters in local running stores, breweries, and more. Include a QR code and get a better idea of how much foot traffic and sign ups different locations generate.

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