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Next-Generation Event Invoicing

We automatically upgraded RunSignup’s Invoice system to our next-generation Event Invoicing. Yes, we safely deployed incredibly complex financial code during the day on April 11th while 4,889 events sold more than 30,000 registrations and tickets. The new professional interface makes it easy…

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RaceInsure is Here to Help Protect Race Directors

This is a partner post in conjunction with RaceInsure, a new insurance option by race director and insurance professional Scott Sutter. How often do you think race directors read the fine print of their race insurance policy? With the juggling act that…

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RunSignup Introduces Apple Pay

Apple Pay is now available as a payment option when participants sign up on RunSignup, making it even faster and easier to register for events. How impactful is Apple Pay as a fast payment option? Let’s take a look at RunSignup’s Google…

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Participant Insurance for Increased Registrations and Revenue

Races using RunSignup for registration can choose to turn on participant insurance from the leading insurance provider, Protecht Regshield. This is free for event organizers and is another source of revenue for the race with the automated revenue share program we’ve established with the insurance provider. Participants have the option to purchase insurance when registering for the event for a nominal fee. Since we recently switched providers to Protecht Regshield, we’ve seen more than 15,000 participants purchase the insurance coverage and as high as 39% participation levels.

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Insurance – A New Revenue Source for Races

As we announced a few weeks ago, we now make it easy and profitable for races to offer the convenience of insurance for participants if they get injured, ill or have other obstacles to attending your race. It is a great offering…

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Updated Transaction Graph on Dashboard

We have updated the graph on the Transactions tab on the front dashboard page. It used to show a January – December date range, which made it difficult to do quick YOY analysis. We now end in the month the last event…

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New Insurance Option for Participants

April 2023 Update: This insurance option is now live! We shut down Allianz insurance sales on Friday March 31 and turned on Protecht insurance on Monday, April 3. For any events that had insurance turned on, there were no sales over the…

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Every year around this time we report on our successful annual audit demonstrating compliance to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).  This year is no exception, another successful audit under our belt!   If you require our PCI Attestation of…

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American Express Outage Friday Night

American Express had some outages on Friday night, November 18, 2022. About 10-15% of credit card transactions on our platform use American Express credit cards, and some of those transactions took extra time and some failed. When we try to process a transaction…

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Reserve Holdbacks Lowered Back to 0%

We lowered the Reserve Holdbacks to 0% effective today. This is a very happy day and another sign of recovery in our endurance community. As you may recall we always had a normal 0% holdback (meaning we pay out when people signup),…

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Race Reserve Requirement lowered to 5%

Note: On November 2, 2021 we reduced this to 2.5% We are pleased to announce that our standard race reserve requirement is dropping to 5% from 10%, with a payment account requirement of 2.5% of race registration transactions. Donations continue to have no reserve…

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Price Increase May 1, 2022

We will be rolling out new pricing to process transactions on our platform on May 1st for all new and renewed races, ticket events, and clubs. The price change increases the cost to process a transaction from $1.00 per transaction + 5.8%…

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