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RunSignup Pricing Strategies: Tips From Event Experts

Have a minute? Learn about the different pricing strategies available on RunSignup that you can apply to your endurance event. Learn from event experts with our ever growing library of event tips and quick chats with fellow race directors.

Choosing the Right Combination of Discounts

Types of Pricing

Continued Learnings

We’ve curated some of our top videos on pricing strategies here, but if you want to keep up with all the latest videos from RunSignup, TicketSignup, and GiveSignup, you should subscribe to our YouTube Page today!

Latest Blogs on Pricing

Customize Multi-Person Pricing Wording

One of RunSignup’s powerful pricing tools is Multi-Person Pricing, which allows you to offer discounts on registration fees when groups sign up together. This is popular with events that want to offer Family Pricing. You can now add custom wording for Multi-Person…

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Participant Insurance for Increased Registrations and Revenue

Races using RunSignup for registration can choose to turn on participant insurance from the leading insurance provider, Protecht Regshield. This is free for event organizers and is another source of revenue for the race with the automated revenue share program we’ve established with the insurance provider. Participants have the option to purchase insurance when registering for the event for a nominal fee. Since we recently switched providers to Protecht Regshield, we’ve seen more than 15,000 participants purchase the insurance coverage and as high as 39% participation levels.

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RunSignup Race Discount and Voucher Tools

Event organizers can use RunSigup’s vouchers, discounts, and coupons to encourage registrations, manage deferrals, reward volunteers and staff, recognize loyal participants and others for their role in the community. This recorded webinar gives a quick overview of how to set up these tools in your race wizard.

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Insurance – A New Revenue Source for Races

As we announced a few weeks ago, we now make it easy and profitable for races to offer the convenience of insurance for participants if they get injured, ill or have other obstacles to attending your race. It is a great offering…

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Refunds: Automation Set Up

The following recorded webinar offers instructions on how to set up automated refunds for various situations. Refunds and percentage discounts are an effective method to encourage higher participation and registrations when using incentive tools like referrals and group pricing.

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Increase Registrations with Pricing and Referrals

Events across the country are looking for ways to help increase registrations in the midst of an uncertain economy and lingering effects of pandemic challenges. One of the most effective ways to help increase registrations is through pricing strategies and offering rewards…

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A Guide to Discounts for Your Event

Money talks. Offering a discount to your event can be a significant motivator to get curious onlookers over the hump and turn them into participants. But it’s important to be strategic about your discounts and ensure you don’t undersell the value you provide. The…

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What Should Your Processing Fee Be?

A couple of years ago we wrote a somewhat intellectual blog on the “Price Elasticity of Processing Fees” that included fancy graphs. As we talk with lots of customers at the RunningUSA conference, this is once again a hot topic. The simple…

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Processing Fee Price Elasticity

There is a wide variance in processing fees consumers are willing to pay for different events – from low RunSignup-like fees to high Ticketmaster type fees. And yet consumers are willing to still sign up for the race or buy the tickets….

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Auto-Applied Coupon URLs

We have added a way to auto-apply a coupon code through a specific URL. In order to use this feature, you must first set-up the coupon code. Once the code is set-up, you can go to the bottom of the coupon set-up page…

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