Provide efficient paperless race day registration with streamlined on-site registration process while automatically syncing new registration data with the RaceDay CheckIn app and timer scoring software like RaceDay Scoring. 

Ideas for RaceDay Registration and CheckIn

How to Set Up RaceDay Registration

RaceDay Registration Webinar

The Benefits of On Site Registration…


Manage the crowd with ease by pairing across multiple devices.


RunSignup technology is user-friendly, allowing volunteers and staff to learn the ins and outs in two minutes.


Keep all your finances to one platform complete with easy to understand financial reports.


Fully integrates with RunSignup, Check In App AND RaceDay Scoring- syncing across the cloud.

Key Features for On Site Registration

QR Codes

Allow participants to skip the registration line and register on their own mobile devices with QR codes.

  • Share internal link or QR code to race staff to access on site registration from multiple devices. 
  • Find pre-made QR codes on your race dashboard at Promotions>> Links

Apple Pay

A smooth and streamlined process for On Site Registration has always been key for creating a positive race day experience; today, more than ever, participants are looking to get registered fast and move on.

  • All RunSignup events automatically enable Apple Pay as a payment option for registrants
  • 94.1% of mobile users visiting RunSignup sites were on Apple devices such as iPads and iPhones.
  • When participants choose Apple Pay they can fly through the purchase pathway in under 30 seconds.

Fast Registration Mode

Enable fast registration mode so registrants can get through the purchase pathway as fast as possible. More participants can get registered in less time and eliminate congestion within waiting lines.

  • System auto-logs out each registrant after they pay with card or cash. 
  • Enable fast registration by date range to cover the full race weekend ahead of time.
  • Create a special link that takes registrants through the fast registration set up, share the fast registration URL with a QR code on race day.

Optional Settings Available for Fast Registration Mode

Allow Cash Payments

Manual Entry of Bib Numbers  

Custom Questions

Custom Required Fields Such as Date of Birth, Country, Phone Number

Reduce Registration Steps Such as Memberships and Add-Ons.

Restrict On Site Registration for Specific Events (i.e. 5K, but not virtual 5K)

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You Should Be Using Video Results

Race organizers and timers can easily add to the race experience by providing video results. This is where a race participant’s result links to a YouTube video capturing the moment they cross the finish line. This adds an exciting dimension to the race experience by allowing participants and spectators to relive those important finish moments.This unique feature often goes underutilized, but it is easy to set up within RunSignup’s platform. This video provides a quick tutorial on how to set things up.

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Improved Results Views

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Announcing RaceDay Scoring V4.0 – for Today’s Timers

PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT We are very excited to announce RaceDay Scoring version 4.0! Designed for today’s timers, RaceDay Scoring is a powerful scoring software that has become the go-to solution for scoring and providing official race results at endurance events nationwide, including running,…

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Results Kiosk Using RaceDay CheckIn App

One of the new ways events can use the RaceDay CheckIn app is to provide results to participants at the race site. Events can use the app as a dedicated Results Kiosk enabling participants to access their own results effortlessly. Participants can access their performance data by scanning their bib number or doing a quick bib lookup using a number pad. 

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RaceDay CheckIn v3.2.37 is Now Available!

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 RaceDay CheckIn App Now with Participant Kiosk Features

We are excited to share the latest new features of the RaceDay CheckIn app. This includes the ability for events to use the app as a dedicated Results Kiosk enabling participants to access their own results effortlessly. Moreover, the new Kiosk Mode, coupled with the enhanced capability to access, modify, and add participant data, now empowers event organizers to utilize the RaceDay CheckIn app for a wide range of scenarios beyond check-ins. 

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RaceDay Scoring v3.3.41 is Now Available!

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