The Power of RaceDay Photos

Sharing photos directly on your race website brings participants back to your website, provides additional opportunities to boost your brand (or that of a key sponsor), and ensures that your race continues to be discussed in the days after your event. The basics of the RaceDay Photo Platform:

Unlimited Uploads

There is no limit to the number of photos you can upload to your site.

Easy Download & Share

Participants can download images of themselves, or share them to Facebook, with a simple click.

Access Sharing

Upload photos yourself or give photographers access to upload photos directly.


Opt to add a race logo (or sponsor logo) to all photos with stats to breakdown the additional exposure.

Key Features of the RaceDay Photo Platform

Album Control

Create unlimited albums to keep your photos organized and make it easy for participants to view.

  • Select a cover photo for each album
  • Move photos from one album to another
  • Allow multiple users (such as multiple photographers) to create their own albums or upload to existing albums

Photo Auto-Tagging

All photos are auto-tagged at upload by Tagily.

  • Photos are tagged based on bib numbers (for best results, avoid bibs with fewer than 4 digits and common numbers like the current year)
  • Crowdsource tagging and allow participants to tag photos that cannot be auto-tagged

Results Integration

Make photos even easier to find with an integration with RunSignup Results.

  • When results and photos are posted on RunSignup, photos will automatically be posted to each individual’s results page
  • Team photos are automatically posted to team pages (no additional setup)

Participant Uploads

Make photo-sharing a social experience.

  • Allow logged-in participants to upload their own photos to an album automatically created for participant uploads.
  • Participant uploaded photos are auto-tagged by bib number

Photo Moderation

All photos uploaded to the RunSignup Photo Platform (including those uploaded by race directors and photos from race directors) are automatically moderated via AI to ensure that no inappropriate photos are uploaded. Additionally, race directors can opt to require that they approve all photos before upload.

All the Latest News on RaceDay Photos

Empowering Timers with Event Day Innovation

Watch this video for Bob Bickel’s insights into RunSignup’s strategy to help timers provide foundational technology for race events. In the fast-paced world of event management, where every second counts, leveraging cutting-edge technology is the key to success.

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Photo Platform Update

We have made some improvements and updates to the infrastructure of our free Photo Platform. Since introducing it several year as ago, as well as the new V2 we rolled out, we have seen huge adoption by our customers: RunSignup’s free photo…

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Timer Certification On Demand Now Available

RunSignup’s Timer Certification program now includes four free training courses covering RunSignup’s registration and marketing tools, RunSignup’s RaceJoy participant tracking app, RaceDay Scoring for scoring events, and newly added certification on RunSignup’s RaceDay CheckIn app and Photo platform.

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RunSignup Announces 2023 Timer Certification Tour

Four Timer Certifications Virtual Courses We are pleased to announce the launch of our 2023 four-part virtual Timer Certification tour. RunSignup’s Timer Certification program is designed to provide timers with in-depth product training on race related technology to support their efforts to…

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How to Use RunSignup’s Photo Platform

One of the many FREE tools events using RunSignup can take advantage of is RunSignup’s RaceDay Photo platform. Events can improve the race experience by providing an elevated experience with free photos that are integrated with their personal race results. You can…

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Photos 2.0 Begins to Roll Out

The photo above is a white board drawing of the new Photo 2.0 architecture and flow of information. It is OK if you don’t understand it – the important thing to know is it allows us to add a bunch of cool…

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34,000 Photo Views in 800 Person Race

Quick!  Add Photos to your Race! They generate 6 times more interest (page views) than Results:Photos: 41 Views per participantResults: 7 Views per participant The Scott Coffee Race was the race that RunSignup was originally inspired by. This year we were able to…

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Sponsor Report By Year

We have added the capability to view the sponsor report by year. This is useful to separate each year of data for your race. Simply select a year in the upper right corner. We have also added a Sponsor Views column: Note…

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Bib Fonts for Photos

We use Google Vision to automatically tag photos in our Race Day Photo platform. We are collecting more data on what works best and what does not. We’ve had one race have bad tagging results with Google Vision reading the “7” as…

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Sponsor and Photo Stats of the Day

ust a couple of interesting stats. Races have loaded over 38,000 Sponsors into our Sponsor Management System. Best Damn Race in New Orleans recently uploaded over 15,000 photos for their race. 64% of those photos were tagged with our Google Vision software. Not…

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RunSignup Ushers in 2017 – The Year of Free Race Photos

Moorestown, NJ – RunSignup announces the release of RaceDay Photos, the free race photo platform effective immediately. The system has been in beta since the summer, with hundreds of thousands of photos uploaded by hundreds of races. Suggestions made by beta-testing customers…

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Crowdsource Tagging of Photos

RaceDay Photos now has public tagging options to enable crowdsourced tagging of bibs. There are two options that can be enabled – Add tags to any photo, or Add tags only to those photos that have no tags in them. Note we…

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