RunSignup Websites V2 FAQ

Following our webinar to introduce RunSignup Websites V2, we wanted to address some of the more common questions that came up. If you’re looking to get started with Websites V2, the following blogs will walk you through the steps to creating your own Website V2.

Getting Started with Websites V2

Can I test Website V2 while still keeping my current race website?

Yes! Website V2 will only show on the front end when you enable it via Race >> Website V2 (Beta) >> Settings. You can easily enable and disable it, allowing you to seamlessly switch between your legacy website and Website V2. When you toggle off Website V2, this puts it in draft mode where you can edit and build it, but it’s not seen on the frontend.

How do I move content from my legacy website to Websites V2?

You will need to manually recreate your legacy content in Website V2. Luckily, this is fairly easy to do, and you can work on your Website V2 in draft while keeping your legacy website live – there’s no need to rush.

We recommend opening your legacy website in one browser window, and your Website Builder for Websites V2 in the other. While you can take advantage of the enhanced features of Websites V2 to refresh your content, all you need to do to copy it is:

  • Copy and paste text from your legacy website into a text component. All formatting (headers, sizes, etc.) will automatically copy over.
  • For any images, right-click and download the image on the legacy website to your desktop, Then, using the image component in Website Builder, upload the same image to your Website V2.

Can you move one race over to Website V2 while keeping other races on the legacy version?

Yes. Websites are individual to each race. If you have a lot of races, you may want to move each one as you are getting ready to renew it to avoid being overwhelmed with all of them at once.

When I create a new race, will it automatically get a new website?

Currently, no. New races will still get an automatic legacy website, but you can enable Website V2 at any time.

How does my existing URL work when I turn on Website V2? What if I have a custom domain?

Your URL is mapped to your race, so it will work regardless of which version you have showing. The same is true of your custom domain (like When you toggle on V2, the V2 version will show at that URL. If you disable it, the legacy website will again show from that URL.

Picking the Right Time to Upgrade to Websites V2

Is there any reason I shouldn’t switch to Website V2 right now?

Websites V2 is a very mature product. However, there are a few features missing for races that may impact the timing of some races making the move. The big ones include:

  • Event Tiles. These are the automated tiles that show your events, pricing, and a sign-up button. There are workarounds using either buttons or the cards component, but some races may want to wait for the actual tiles.
  • Header Slideshow. Currently, you can add only one header image, not a rotating slideshow.
  • Fundraising Leaderboard Component. While the donation thermometer component is ready today, fundraising leaderboard components do not exist yet.

Additionally, you may not want to be toggling between your legacy website and Website V2 during times of high volume traffic (registration opening, price increases, race weekend, etc.).

When will the event tiles component be available for Websites V2?

We don’t want to promise a specific date because development is hard, and timelines can change. But we anticipate that the event tiles component will be available sometime this summer.

Do we have to switch now, or can we wait for event tiles/fundraising leaderboards/header slideshows to be available?

No. You can stay with what you have until Websites V2 has all the components you need or want. There is no rush.

Is there a timeline for retiring legacy websites? How will we know when they’re retiring?

There isn’t a precise timeline, but at least several years. We think you’ll really like the upgrade to V2, but you can take your time and move them when it makes sense for you.

We’ll share any deadlines in emails and blogs for months in advance of any retirement of legacy websites. Make sure you’re subscribed to blog to keep up!

Website V2 Components

Does a participant need to be a Strava member to see the Strava maps on my website?

No. The Strava map is embedded on your website so it can be seen by anyone on your site.

Is there a component to show sponsors on my Website V2?

Yes. There is a component to easily add logos and links to your sponsors based on what you’ve added to the Sponsor Management section of your dashboard.

Websites V2 Functionality

Is this the same website builder in TicketSignup?

Yes. this is the same website builder that was initially released for TicketSignup in 2021 (with many iterations since then). Additionally, it is the same builder used in the new Memberships product, and in Organization Websites.

How many menu items will fit across the top of our website before it starts to group them under a “More” submenu?

The limit is based on character count (to fit the space). Typically, between 4-6 will fit, but you can test it with your own menu items.

Can you change the font sizes and styles on Website V2?

You can add text in the text component as a paragraph or a type of Header. Additionally, you can change the size of any text and format it with bold and italics. Currently, there is only one font, but we will add more eventually.

If you currently have custom content on your legacy website being shown on email notifications, does all that have to be copied over to Websites V2?

Email notifications will not pull in custom content from Websites V2 (just your standard race details). If you were using a custom content section for that purpose, leave that setup in your legacy website and it will still pull from there.

Can you re-order items on your page? What about menu items?

Yes, you can re-order several things:

  • You can re-order dropdowns/top level menu items by clicking the grid icon on the top left and dragging it to it’s new position.
  • You can re-order menu items within a dropdown menu by clicking the grid icon on the top left and dragging it to it’s new position.
  • You can change a menu item to a new dropdown by clicking the gear icon at the top right and changing the dropdown item at the bottom of the settings.
  • You can re-order sections on your page by clicking the grid icon on the top left and dragging it to it’s new position or by using the arrows at the top left of the section.
  • You can re-order components within a section by clicking the grid icon that appears when you hover over the component and dragging it to it’s new position or by using the arrows that appear in that block.

View the Full Webinar to See Websites V2 in Action:

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