RaceDay CheckIn App: Print Function

Timers are encouraged to watch this Timer Tip Tuesday where we walkthrough how to use the print/label feature in the RaceDay CheckIn app. You can use this feature at packet pickup to help streamline the process and overcome the potential for miscommunication….

Drumstick Dash 13K RaceDay CheckIns with Ease

The Wheeler Mission Drumstick Dash held its 21st event in Indianapolis, Indiana and is known for their Thanksgiving morning event where participants ‘move your feet so others can eat!®’  This year the event used RunSignup’s RaceDay CheckIn app to efficiently process a total of 13,094 participants (12,251 the day before race day and another 843 participants on Thanksgiving race day). Event organizers made full use of technology to deliver a streamlined experience for their participants, including dynamic bib assignments, QR code scanning, RaceDay CheckIn app, and on-site label printing.

RaceDay CheckIn v3.2.42 is Now Available!

Feature Updates Updated Multiple Waiver Signing Experience. We made an update to the RunSignup Waiver Signing feature, which now allows the CheckIn App to view the status of waiver signing for participants when there are multiple waivers in use. Previously, we were…

RaceDay CheckIn v40 is Now Available!

Feature Updates Added More Details to CheckIn All Related Registrations flow. When using the Check-In All function for multiple participants, we display how the current registration is linked to the initial registration (Team Name, Corporate Team Name, Fundraising Team Name). Added Participant…

Results Kiosk Using RaceDay CheckIn App

One of the new ways events can use the RaceDay CheckIn app is to provide results to participants at the race site. Events can use the app as a dedicated Results Kiosk enabling participants to access their own results effortlessly. Participants can access their performance data by scanning their bib number or doing a quick bib lookup using a number pad. 

RaceDay CheckIn v39 is Now Available!

Features Added a “CheckIn All” option on the CheckIn confirmation of a Participant with Related Reg This function allows you to check in all related registrations for a participant that have not checked in yet. The app guides you through all the…

RaceDay CheckIn v3.2.38 is Now Available!

Features Added a built-in Result Kiosk Configuration Moving forward, each race will have access to an added “Result Kiosk” Configuration that includes commonly used settings already enabled. This will make it simple for you to start using the recently introduced Result Kiosk…

RaceDay CheckIn v3.2.37 is Now Available!

New release of RunSignup’s RaceDay CheckIn app is available. Key improvements include ability to sign for multiple participant waivers, automatic timeout to View Results feature, configuration setting to auto show camera in kiosk mode, and multiple bug fixes.

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