2023 Top 100 Largest Races

We assembled a preliminary list of the 2023 top 100 largest races that were timed. We have been accumulating this list for a couple of years (see 2018, 2019, and 2022). This year, we also added data around the largest individual distances….

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2022 Top 100 Largest Races

We are returning with our Largest 100 Races Report now that things are returning to normal (although plenty of things were not really back to normal still in 2022). First, several notes:– This is based on an earlier set of data we…

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2019 Largest 100 Races

We have attempted to put together the Largest 100 races that were timed from 2019. We have been accumulating this list for a couple of years (here is 2018). While we try, we may have missed some races, or we might not…

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Top 100 Road Races 2018 Analysis

We have assembled the Top 100 Road Races in a consolidated list and will be maintaining this along with our RaceTrends Report and bi-annual Registration Market reports on a continuing basis. This helps us understand the market better, and we hope it helps others as well….

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