Basic Registration Fields

The most basic information collection for registrants defaults to the fields on the right. If you don’t need any of these pieces of information, you can de-select them from Step 3 of the Race Wizard (under “Registration Options”) or by navigating to Race >> Registration >> Dates, Pricing & Options.

Note: If you want to change the gender options available in registration you can find that in Step 1 of the Race Wizard.

Registration Questions

If you need more information about your attendees or purchasers, Registration Questions allows you to ask just about anything. For each custom question you can choose a style:

  • Free form for short open ended questions
  • Check Boxes for multiple options where more than one can be selected
  • Radio Buttons, Yes/No, and Select Menu for multiple options where only one can be selected
  • Time Entry for questions where only time-formatted answers are accepted
  • Essay for long open-ended answers

Registration questions can be further customized with thumbnail images, additional details and an alternative layout that shows the additional details above the question responses for an easy-to-understand process for your registrants. You can ask questions of every registrant or just once in a transaction, or you can further limit who sees the question by asking only registrants in specific events or only captains of groups/teams.

Question Logic

Questions get a little more granular with Question Logic. This allows you to ask a question based on the response to an earlier question.

Standard Questions

When setting up your registration questions, there are a few “Standard Questions” you can add (these are not automatically included). By adding the standard question instead of creating a new question you can save your registrants a little time – previous responses to Standard Questions will be saved in a participant’s profile and auto-filled during registration.

Data Collection for Unusual Needs

While many (if not most) races will have some use for registration questions, there are a few tools for data collection that most races will never need – but for the events that do need them, they’re extremely important.

Sensitive Data Collection

If your race need to collect highly sensitive information such as a drivers license number, passport number, or social security number, this feature allows sensitive data storage using 4096-bit RSA encryption. Admin approval from RunSignup is required to enable.

Registrant File Uploads

This feature enables races to allow or require registrants to upload files during registration. This can be used when an event requires something like a printed permission slip, result verification form or another offline document. Note: there is no bulk download or report. Do not enable without first discussing your needs with your account manager.

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Alphabetize Option for Custom Questions

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Corporate Team Store Items

We now offer an option to offer Store items to Corporate Team members only. If you select this, it overrides the per-event capability as shown below: If Corporate Team Store Only, then the Event Specific option does not show:

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Import Question Answers

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Internal Race and Volunteer Questions

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Secure Information Option

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Standard Questions

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