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Have a minute? Keep up with the latest fundraising tips and strategies to raise more for your fundraising event on RunSignup. Learn from event experts with our ever growing library of event tips and quick chats with fellow race directors.

Why Include Fundraising in your Event?

Full in-depth explanation of the different benefits of fundraising

Webinar • 37:18

Quick and to-the-point debrief of the benefits of fundraising

Team Tip • 3:59

Videos to Share with Your Fundraisers

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Brand Your Website with GiveSignup

Did you know that you can use the alternate URL of GiveSignup.org for your event if you want to take the focus off the athletics (or if it’s not a run at all)? No extra steps are required: with our Single Sign On System for multiple brands, the race you create can be accessed from either RunSignup.com/MyRace or GiveSignup.org/MyRace. The functionality is the same, but the branding is perfect for your event.

Latest Blogs on Fundraising Events

Meta Overhauls Facebook Fundraisers

Update 9/15/2023 Please see the below blog for a full explanation of the changes to Facebook Fundraisers. We will be reversing the temporary end date of 10/31 that we send to Meta on 9/18 to align with Meta’s switch to Paypal for…

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Require Donors to Select a Fundraiser

You can now require donors to select a fundraiser when donating. In general, we do not recommend enabling this setting. Peer-to-peer fundraising events should make it as easy as possible for anyone to donate, including people who don’t necessarily know a fundraiser…

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Apple Pay Now Available for Standalone Donations

RunSignup’s Apple Pay checkout option is now available when supporters make a standalone donation to an event or fundraiser. Peer to peer fundraising events and nonprofits can raise more with an even faster and easier checkout!

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Red Shoe Shuffle Run and Walk

The Red Shoe Shuffle Run and Walk, came about in 2011 when the Ronald McDonald House in Maryland started an annual event. It consists of past and current Ronald McDonald House families and volunteers shuffling together in support of the House and the…

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DONNA Marathon: Bringing It All Together

2023 was DONNA Marathon’s first year using RunSignup’s registration and we were impressed by how much the event adopted many of the features and technology available not only with RunSignup’s registration, but with our RaceDay tools, fundraising capabilities, and even our Ticket platform. Given their multifaceted approach, we thought other event organizers could benefit from an understanding of how using the various capabilities can come together.

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Fundraising: Individual Fundraisers

You can allow your supporters to fundraise for your cause by going to Fundraising >> Individual Fundraisers and enabling Individual Fundraisers. There are 4 tiles that organize existing settings and make setting up fundraising simple: Click the tile component to edit the settings: This…

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Intermittent Issues with Facebook Fundraiser API

Update 4/19/2023 There has been an escalation in reported issues with Meta’s Facebook Fundraiser API. RunSignup is unable to resolve any issues because the issues are occurring on Meta’s platform. If your fundraisers are reporting issues we recommend the following: Update 4/6/2023…

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Fundraiser Email Replacement Tags for Email V2

There are now fundraiser email replacement tags for Email V2. Using these dynamic replacement tags with the Email V2 fundraiser recipient list gives your peer to peer fundraising event more power to automate and customize communications with your fundraisers. We make it…

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Fundraiser Email Recipient List for Email V2

You can now send and schedule emails to your fundraisers from Email V2. This enables your peer to peer fundraising event to easily communicate with fundraisers throughout the fundraising period. If your event offers peer to peer fundraising teams, you will be…

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The Advantage of Fundraising

Below is a recorded webinar on The Advantage of Fundraising. This session offers some valuable information on how fundraising can help increase revenue and registrations and how to take advantage of these tools within your RunSignup dashboard. Specific topics covered include: Below…

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