Speed Round: Tips, Tricks, and Technology

Bryan Jenkins returned to the screen with a (renamed) perennial favorite: a rapid-fire review of all the key settings and features that customers frequently overlook. With 75+ items, there’s something for everyone! Find something you want to learn more about? Check out the (many) resources below.

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Managing Your Race

Single Sign On

On your Dashboard

Sign into any of our sites – RunSignup, GiveSignup, TriSignup, BikeSignup, etc., and stay logged in across all sites.

On your dashboard

Use the search functions to quickly and easily find both participant data and items on your dashboard.

Customize Your Dashboard Menu

On your dashboard.

Take advantage of a simple menu to show only what you need – and expand or add menu items if you want to see more.

Renew Your Race

On your race dashboard, from your race list, or within your wizard.

Always renew your race to keep your year-over-year data consistent and save time!

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Year-Over-Year Comparison

On your race dashboard.

Compare your progress this year to the previous year.

Custom Wording for “Race”

Race >> Race Websites >> Misc Settings

Change the default wording “race” to “meet”, “event”, or whatever works for you!

Hybrid Events

Race Wizard >> Step 1

For hybrid events, set your in-person events by event type (I.E., run or run/walk) and your virtual event as a virtual race or challenge. The virtual race or challenge must have the correct event type for virtual results to work.

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Hybrid Event Seminar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6cuhn2CZ70


Key Sessions for Registration

Standard Questions

Race >> Registration>> Questions

Add standard questions to your event (these are questions that are saved to the profile from event to event, making it faster and easier for your participants to register).

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Giveaway Description

Race >> Giveaways/Add-Ons >> Giveaways

Add a description to your giveaway with clarifying details such as when or where they will get the giveaway (this is included in their confirmation email).

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Shipping Address

Race >> Registration >> Shipping

Verify the validity of participant’s shipping addresses when swag or other items will be shipped.

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Multiple Waivers

Race >> Registration >> Dates, Pricing, and Options

Add multiple waivers when your need an additional one for a sponsor or a national organization like US Masters Swimming.

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Flexible Gender Options

Race >> Registration >> Dates, Pricing, and Options

Provide flexible gender options for your participants both within traditional endurance evens and from virtual and non-competitive events.

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Participant Display

Race >> Dashboard >> Participant Display

Choose what (if any) participant information you want displayed.

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Event Highlight

Race >> Registration >> Event Display Options

Draw attention (and create excitement) with headlines, descriptions, and even images for events you want to promote.

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Postpone or Cancel Responses

Race >> Postpone & Cancel Options >> Participant Decision Report

Follow-through with participant request for deferrals, refunds, etc., that were input via the postpone or cancel pop-up.

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Event Transfers

Participants >> Participant Management >> Event Transfers

Allow participants to transfer from one event to another – with or without an additional race transfer fee.

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Fast Registration by Date

Race >> Registration >> Fast Registration

Speed race day (or race week) registration typically done on mobile devices to maximize successful registrations.

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Update Credit Card in Profile

Profile >> Edit, Add, or Delete CC

Direct participants to update their credit card in their profile in advance of a sellout race opening or auto-charged fundraising minimums.

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Financial >> Vouchers

Give participant vouchers to use as a credit when they sign up for a future event.

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Key Sessions for Race Websites

Domains & Subdomains

Race >> Race Website >> Domains

BYO domain or subdomain to further brand your event website.

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Hide and Organize Custom Content

Race >> Race Website >> Menu Order

Organize the content on your event website and select what you want to display.

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Expand “More” Menu

Race >> Race Website >> Race Theme >> Race Template >> Design & Layout

Ensure that all your menu items always show, rather than defaulting to a “more” menu item.

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Add an FAQ Tab


Add an FAQ page to your website to answer questions before they are asked – and use our how-to library to direct your participants to many of the answers.

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Cover Page

Race > Race Website >> Cover Page

Add a professional cover page for a beautiful, data-driven homepage for your event site. Multiple cover page components were also covered.

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Cover Page Component:


Key Sessions for Event Promotion:

Email Capture Pop-Up

Email >> Email Capture

Capture interested potential participants as they land on your site.

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Edit Email Source Code

Email Marketing >> Send Email

Bring any HTML email over to send via the free email marketing platform.

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Email Replacement Tags

Email Marketing >> Send Emails

Personalize your emails with key details about participants and your events.

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Schedule Emails to Targeted Groups

Email Marketing >> Send Email

Select current or previous participants, specific event participants, and/or custom lists to send your email to.

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Registration Follow-Up Emails

Email Marketing >> Automate Emails >> Registration Follow-Ups

Automate emails with key reminders, including any referral rewards programs, fundraising, and/or team options.

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MailChimp Integration

Promotion >> MailChimp

Integrate your data with MailChimp.

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NEW: Next Generation Email Marketing

V2 Email Marketing with a new email builder and out of the box templates.

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Social Sharing

Promotion >> Social Sharing

Customize your social sharing messages.

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Team Size Rewards

Participants >> Groups/Teams >> Pricing Setup

Grow your event through incentives for team joining.

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Referral Rewards

Promotion >> Referral Tracking >> Setup

Turn your participants into ambassadors and grow your events.

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Raise More

Key Sessions for Raising More:

Donations >> Charity Partners

Add a simple checkbox at checkout for one last chance to solicit more donations.

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Fundraising Minimums

Fundraising >> Individual Fundraisers >> General Settings

Set a fundraising minimum for your peer-to-peer fundraising event.

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Fundraiser Milestones & Badges

Fundraising >> Individual Fundraisers >> Fundraiser Rewards >> Milestones

Reward your fundraisers with milestones and badges.

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Donation Discounts

Donations >> Setup >> Donation Discounts

Provide discount for participants who discount a specified amount.

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Key Sessions for a Deep Dive into RaceDay

Submit Virtual Results

RaceDay Tools >> Virtual/Challenge Results >> Configure Virtual Results

Allow participants to submit their own virtual results.

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Don’t Require a Time for Virtual Results

RaceDay Tools >> Virtual/Challenge Results >> Configure Virtual Results

Allow virtual participants to share a finish without a time.

No Login Required for Virtual Results

RaceDay Tools >> Virtual/Challenge Results >> Configure Virtual Results

Allow virtual participants to post their results without logging in.

Virtual Challenge: Live Maps

RaceDay Tools >> Virtual/Challenge Results >> Configure Virtual Results >> Goals

Create a live map for challenge participants to “follow”.

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RaceDay Tools >> Corrals >> Set Up Corrals

Use corrals to help socially distance participants.

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Digital Bibs – Team Name

RaceDay Tools >> Bibs >> Customize Digital Bibs

Add a team name to your digital bibs for a little extra personalization.

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Build Bib Label

RaceDay Tools >> Bibs >> Build Bib Labels

Easily setup and print bib labels.

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On-Site Registration

RaceDay Tools >> On Site Registration

Make race day registration more efficient, with no lines and no paper.

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High Contrast Mode for On Site Registration

RaceDay Tools >> On Site Registration

Make race day registration more visible in bright sunlight.

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Volunteer CheckIn In The CheckIn App

RaceDay CheckIn >> Mobile App

Seamlessly check in registrants and volunteers within the RaceDay CheckIn App

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Auto-Show Camera on Bib Assignment

RaceDay CheckIn >> Mobile App >> Auto Show Camera on Bib Assignment

Make dynamic bib assignment easier (and more foolproof) by auto-showing camera.

Customize Results

>> Results Page on Your Race Website

Customize your results page to show the fields that matter for your event.

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Finisher Certificates

RaceDay Tools >> Results >> Customize Finisher Certificates

Reward your in-person and virtual participants (instantly).

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RaceDay Photos Participant Uploads

Photos >> Setup

Extend RaceDay with participant uploads for photos.

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RaceJoy SOS Alerts

Add a safety mechanism to your events (especially for ultra races, remote events, or trail races with difficult courses).

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