Unlocking Fundraising Success: DONNA Marathon’s Executive Director on RunSignup’s Platform and More

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Amanda Napolitano, the Executive Director of the DONNA Foundation, responsible for overseeing the DONNA Marathon in Jacksonville, Florida. During our conversation, Amanda shared valuable insights into best practices for fundraising events and maximizing the potential of RunSignup’s comprehensive products and features.

In our discussion, Amanda covered a range of topics, including registration, fundraising, RaceDay Checkin app, RaceJoy, and Ticket Signup, to name just a few. She emphasized how these tools can be effectively utilized to enhance the overall experience for participants and race staff. Amanda highlighted that the primary reason they transitioned to RunSignup this year was the seamless integration between registration technology and fundraising features, which proved to be remarkably user-friendly both during setup and for participants.

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How to Streamline Packet Pickup

The packet pickup process sets the tone for the entire race experience for participants, volunteers, and staff. Creating a streamlined and hassle-free experience during packet pickup is essential for delivering a positive and memorable event. Below is a summary of the ways race organizers can streamline the process by looking at the basic components of packet pickup, using RunSignup’s technology, and the exploring how different sized events require different approaches.

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Update to YoY Dashboard Transactions Graph

The year-over-year Transaction insights graph on your dashboard has a new update. Rather than displaying YoY transactions by calendar year, it now uses registration periods to display YoY reporting that is relevant and actionable for events. You can update the chart to…

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Questions Dashboard Page Phase 1 Released

We have released the first phase of modernizing the Questions dashboard page. This first phase has two major enhancements. First, the clean look of the flat buttons. Plus not that it will shade the types that are similar to the chosen type…

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Fast Registration for Timers

The recorded webinar below offers timers guidance on ways to create an efficient registration experience for their events that can be applied for various date ranges or settings. RunSignup offers setup options specifically designed to create Fast Registrations found on the event’s dashboard. Events can offer a 1-click registration, a special URL provided to select individuals, a streamlined experience for mobile devices and an abbreviated registration for on-site registrations. All of which are designed to encourage registrations and create a positive experience for participants.

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DONNA Marathon: Bringing It All Together

2023 was DONNA Marathon’s first year using RunSignup’s registration and we were impressed by how much the event adopted many of the features and technology available not only with RunSignup’s registration, but with our RaceDay tools, fundraising capabilities, and even our Ticket platform. Given their multifaceted approach, we thought other event organizers could benefit from an understanding of how using the various capabilities can come together.

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High Contrast Mode for On-Site Registration

We did a big update on how we handle on-site registration earlier this year as events came back from COVID – see this blog for more complete information. Today, just in time for Thanksgiving, we released the new High Contrast option for On-site…

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RunSignup Announced Non-Binary Event Search

Supporting Inclusive Experience for Participants We are pleased to announce the new ability for race participants to search for events offering non-binary gender features. RunSignup currently has more than 2,500 events offering a non-binary gender option. This is RunSignup’s latest effort to better support…

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Ultra Running Magazine Results API Integration

UltraRunning Magazine, known as “the voice of the sport” since 1981, has recently completed an integration with the RunSignup Results API to automate the population of results data on their free and open Ultra Results Listing service. UltraRunning Magazine provides race results…

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