Technology for Virtual and Hybrid Events…

RunSignup’s platform allows you to do more than just register participants for your virtual or hybrid event. We are also here with free technology to help you promote your event, create a race experience (from afar), communicate with your participants, and raise money for a cause.


Register your virtual runners in minutes with a dynamic, mobile-friendly, and customizable registration platform.

Marketing Tools

Take advantage of free marketing tools like email and websites and prompt work-of-mouth with referral programs and team incentives.


Raise more for your nonprofit, charity partner (or multiple charity partners) with integrated donations and fundraising tools.


Make your virtual RaceDay fun with RaceJoy Anywhere, self-serve virtual results, participant photos, digital bibs, and more.

Virtual Race Planning Document

Just like a physical race, successful virtual races require pre-planning and strategy. Download our Virtual Planning Document for a review of key steps and considerations for all virtual events.

Getting Started in 8 Steps

Step 1.
Setup Your Virtual Race

Review all the key setting and features that you want enabled on RunSignup for your virtual race, or for a virtual event within your hybrid race.

Step 2.
Update Your Website

Your (free) race website is the digital face of your race. With all the interactions with your participants occurring online, it’s more important than ever to make sure your website is interactive and engaging.

Step 3.
Plan for Swag

Swag can be a big seller for any event, but for a virtual race it often takes on new meaning. Make sure your race is setup to verify shipping addresses and allow participants to update their address, then review additional shipping considerations while creating your plan.

Step 4.
Market Your Event

Now it’s time to sell. Just because your race is virtual doesn’t mean it isn’t social – in fact, virtual races tend to find even more success promoting their events through social channels.

Step 5.
Activate Donations and Fundraising

Most races support at least one charity (or are organized by one). Virtual races can make great fundraisers because they allow you to bring together supporters from around the country (and the world). Learn how to supercharge your donations – or even activate Peer-to-Peer Fundraising.

Step 5.
Communicate Clearly

As you prepare for registrations to come in, dive into your free email platform and draft and automate all your key emails, including the registration launch, reminders about referral programs, and pre-race details.

Step 7.
Create an Experience

Just because a race is virtual doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be exciting. Learn how to create a real-race atmosphere with digital bibs and a custom audio experience via RaceJoy Anywhere.

Step 8.
Manage Virtual RaceDay

It’s game time! Whether your race “day” is just a day or lasts for several weeks, you can make it feel official with instant finisher certificates, virtual results, and participant uploaded photos.

10.5% of 2022 Race Events Were Virtual
5.7% of 2022 Participants Were Virtual
98.2% of 2022 Virtual Events Had Fewer than 500 Participants

Virtual Race or Virtual Challenge?

A virtual race is typically a one-goal activity (like a 5K), whereas a Virtual Challenge consists of multiple activities over time, with either an overall goal or a competition to complete the most of each activity. Examples include a mileage goal to (virtually) cross a state, or a challenge to complete 500 pushups in a month.

Customer Spotlight

Negative Split: Building Runner Confidence via Hybrid Events

Negative Split, a timing and race management company based in Washington State, has been hosting hybrid events with in-person participants since July. In that time, they have produced 5 events and timed 7 in two states, and they offered to share their process and key lessons to help other race organizers learn from their experience.

  • 41% of Runners were Virtual in Coeur d’Alene (Idaho)

  • 52% of Runners were Virtual in Windermere Marathon in Spokane

  • 50% of Runners were Virtual in The Split Half Marathon in Spokane

Paterson Music Project

Looking for some inspiration and proof that events can be successful in 2020? With a little innovation and a willingness to pivot, Ride for PMP, in tandem with the Garden State Fondo, raised $20,000 for the Paterson Music Project (PMP) – an increase of 368% in fundraising.

  • 368% Increase in Fundraising

  • $20,000 Raised for Paterson Music Project

  • 7,000 Miles Completed as a Group

Richmond Marathon Delivers Hybrid Race Experience

Richmond Marathon’s 2020 event, held this November with 5,500 registrants, adjusted its typical race structure to accommodate concerns associated with Covid-19. This included offering three on-site course options and virtual race anywhere options for the Richmond Marathon, Richmond Half Marathon, and Allianz Partners 8k. Event organizers and its timing organization, Go Race Productions, took advantage of RunSignup’s RaceDay technology products to deliver a flexible, real-time, and interactive race experience

  • 5,500 Runners

  • 15 Day long Marathon Event

  • 3 On-Site Course Options

Steps for Students

Steps for Students determined their backend technology needed to change to support their unique needs around team fundraising and seamless data integration. Ultimately, they chose to switch to RunSignup’s registration, fundraising, and race day technology platform. Julie Eberle and Suraiya Culp, event organizers for Steps for Students shared with us their innovative approach to offering a virtual experience that reinforced their fundraising efforts.

  • 6,500 Virtual Registrants

  • $775,000 Donations Raised Virtually

  • 100% Real Time Data

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