Technology for Stair Climbs

RunSignup makes is easy to boot registrations and raise more with integrated donations. But we’re also here with free technology to help you manage your entire Stair Climb event from promotion to Event Day.


Make it simple for participants to register in minutes with a dynamic, mobile-friendly, and customizable registration platform.

Marketing Tools

Take advantage of free marketing tools including email and websites as well as built-in referral programs, incentive-base pricing setups, and social sharing settings.

Customer Service

Deliver an exceptional experience for your supporters. Empower them to manage fundraising pages & registration, or seamlessly make updates for them.

Event Day

Streamline your Event Day operations with options for timed and untimed events, a speedy CheckIn App and simple on-site registration options.

Boost Registrations. Raise More.

Fundraiser Management

Deliver best in class support to your participants and fundraisers from registration to Event Day.

  • Fundraisers can easily customize & update their pages, view donor reports, and email their contacts with pre-formatted templates
  • Allow participants to manage their own registrations; for example, update their shirt size until 2 weeks before the event or switch their event
  • Easily manage participants with profiles that show the supporter’s history with your events and quick options to manage & edit their registration or fundraiser

CheckIn App

Instant options to check in via a QR code, participant search, and the ability to check in linked registrations, your process has never been faster.

  • View fundraising progress at check-in to give your fundraisers every last minute to meet their goal. As data syncs continuously, your on-site team will have the information they need to determine if the fundraiser still needs to raise more money in order to participate.
  • With custom app presets and configurations, you’re able to display all the information your staff and volunteers need – and none of the data they don’t.
  • Easy for staff and volunteers to learn and navigate

Crowd Management

Narrow staircases require precise coordination to keep everyone safe and ascending. Keep your race day flow steady with participant caps and RunSignup’s built-in corral management tools.

  • RunSignup’s Corral tool makes it easy to set up wave starts. The wave can be set to assign automatically by estimated finish time at time of registration, assign later, or upload assignments via CSV
  • Allow fundraisers to choose when they climb by selecting their own time slot, or assign them based on your own criteria
  • Use participant caps to restrict number of overall fundraisers allowed to register, or cap each individual wave

Keep the Spotlight on your Fundraiser

SPEED ROUND • Learnings in under 2 minutes

Chris Newcomer, fundraising expert, shares his favorite RunSignup features that will keep your fundraiser at the front and center of your event website.

Fast, Accessible Sign Up and Data Collection

RunSignup registration ensures speedy registration from any device, while guaranteeing you get all the information you need for a successful Stair Climb.

  • Mobile friendly registration pathway to accommodate the 70% of event website views and 58% of event registrations that take place on a mobile device.
  • Fast registration with saved profile information for repeat participants.
  • Multiple choice and open-ended custom questions to allow you to collect more in-depth participant information such as “what is your main reason for participating?”
  • Options for sensitive data collection.
  • COPPA compliant; we don’t collect personal information like email for minors
  • Flexible options for signing waivers, with options to require more than one waiver.

Pricing and Incentives to Raise More…

Take advantage of RunSignup’s powerful integrated pricing tools to increase registration and fundraising dollars. Set up your pricing strategies ahead of time and the system does the rest.

  • Early-bird discounting with price increases based on date or number of registrations
  • Multi-person or team discounting to boost group participation
  • Age-based discounts to drive family-friendly events
  • Option to automate registration fee refunds to fundraisers when they raise a certain amount
  • Unlimited coupon codes with full event director control over the discount and parameters
  • Referral rewards programs to automate refunds for fundraisers who become referrers
  • Automate discounts to participants who donate above a certain amount when they sign up
  • Add-on items, allow participants to climb again and purchase additional climbs for reduced pricing

Access and Reporting

Give access to your team and generate, customize, and export the reports that you need.

  • Options to give full, non-financial, and/or partial access (i.e. only access to Email and Website)
  • Give as many people access to your event as you want – we’ll never charge for access or user seats; RunSignup is FREE event technology
  • Choose from hundreds of data fields to view all of your data in one place: participation, team, and fundraiser details are easy to report on from a single report
  • Easy export options to get your data into spreadsheets and other systems your nonprofit uses
  • You own your data; we never market other events to your participants and fundraisers

More Technology for Stair Climbs…

Customize Wording

Customize the working on your event website (like changing “race” to “Climb”, “event” to “wave”, and “participant” to “Climber) to keep your message clear and keep the focus on cycling.


Easily collect the information you need. RunSignup supports multiple waivers to make paperwork easy when you, your venue, and your sponsor all need waivers signed in specific ways.

Flexible Pricing

Turn your pricing setup into a prompt for action with time-based or count-based increases, management of unlimited coupon codes, and discounts for key groups of participants.

Volunteer Management

Organize all of your volunteers in one place with RunSignup’s built in volunteer platform. Easily manage your stations, set up coordinator access, and collect the information you need.

30th Anniversary Tour of the Firefighter Challenge

When The First Responder Institute readied themselves for the 30th Anniversary National Tour of the Firefighter Challenge, they went to work creating impressive registration pages to spark enthusiasm and communicate the event’s legacy and pride. Firefighter Challenges attract local, national, and international firefighters − rookies and veterans alike − who compete on a globally recognized challenge course. For those not in the fire service, the impressive competition allows a glimpse into the occupational demands facing firefighters everywhere!

  • 500 Firehouses Participate per Year on Avg.

  • 100,000 Audience members and Attendees per Year

  • 500+ Challenges in 45 States as of 2020

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