Technology for Race Management Companies…

RunSignup makes registration easy, sure. But we’re also here with free technology to help you manage your event business and race operations from conception to execution.


Make it simple for participants to register in minutes with a dynamic, mobile-friendly, and customizable registration platform.

Marketing Tools

Take advantage of free marketing tools including email and websites as well as built-in referral programs, incentive-based pricing setups, and social sharing settings.


Raise more for your nonprofit, charity partner, or multiple charity partners with integrated donations and fundraising tools.


Streamline your RaceDay operations with flexible bib assignment, a speedy CheckIn App and simple on-site registration options.

Share Access (Securely)

Make it simple for your race team to access and manage your race in parallel with flexible, secure, access settings that allow you to share the full dashboard or limited dashboard screens with everyone who needs access. Easy access for you and your clients.

Build Your Race Business

Partner Program

Do you manage over 5,000 paid registrations per year or process over $200,000 annually? Our Partner Program is designed to help you manage multiple events with a higher level of service, and revenue-sharing options.

Organization Websites & Emails

Activate all your data with free websites and and free email platform tied to all the event data from your organization. Email lists and event calendars automatically build from the events linked to your payment account to reduce time overhead.

Registration Features for Race Management Companies

Custom Information Collection

Collect all the data you need (and none that you don’t).

  • Multi-format question options, including multiple choice, radio button, time entry, essay, and more
  • Custom question logic to ask some questions based on previous answers
  • Quick-fill standard questions for emergency information and text notification sign ups
  • Ability to ask for responses from each registrant
  • Question response reporting

Participant Management

Ease customer service and keep participants coming back with flexible options for participant management.

  • Enable self-serve options for participant management
  • Allow participants to transfer to another race or event, join a team, and manage their giveaways, add-ons, and question responses (for free or for a fee)
  • Offer bib exchanges with or without automated refunds
  • Make it easy to manage participant changes that apply to many people with bulk participant management features for refunds, transfers, and deferrals

Merchandise Sales

Increase revenue and build your brand with merch for your event.

  • Offer giveaways (like t-shirts) with option selection (like size) and integrated inventory management and a giveaway estimator tool
  • Sell upgrades and premium merch through add-on items suggested in registration
  • Create a store for merchandise you want to sell during and outside of registration

Volunteer Platform

Register and manage volunteers directly from your race dashboard.

  • Organize your volunteer needs with individual volunteer tasks, timeslots, and groupings of tasks into categories
  • Optimize your assignments with minimum and maximum numbers of volunteers needed
  • Add custom questions with information and waivers from your volunteers
  • Easily communicate through free email and automated volunteer lists (and sub-lists by task or category)
  • Assign a volunteer coordinator and/or task coordinators to provide limited access to your lead volunteers

More Registration Features..


Give your participants peace of mind with optional participant insurance that they can purchase to protect against an unexpected need to withdraw. No emails on your part – and your race actually earns revenue from the insurance.

Flexible Waivers

Set your requirements for waiver signing (checkbox, name, DOB, etc.) and determine each registrant needs to agree to the waiver individually at registration or by email. Each race an support up to three waivers for events working with outside partners and organizations.

Instant Reporting

Access instant participant reports with filtering and search capabilities, then dive in deeper with comprehensive financial reporting, donation and fundraising reports, team reports, and more. Your data is always your data – and it’s always easy to parse.

Mobile Responsive

More than 70% of all race website views and 50% of all race transactions now take place on a phone. Every part of the online experience of RunSignup, from the race website to the registration pathway to adding a donation is designed to be mobile responsive.

Non-Binary Support

Offer more inclusive events with the optional ability to support a non-binary gender option in both runner profiles and their registration for your event. Runners can also find your event more easily by filtering the race search to find races with non-binary support enabled.

Marketing Features for Race Management Companies

Free Website

Every race comes with it’s own free race website that can be branded, customized, and formatted to match your event (no coding necessary)

  • Brand your website with your logo (not ours), custom color scheme, and event images
  • Bring your own domain or subdomain (SSL Certificate Included)
  • Add unlimited content and pages and organize your site through menus and submenus
  • Create a beautiful cover page with dynamic data elements that automatically sync with your race date
  • Personalize your site with photos, videos, and even playlist

Free Email

Communicate with participants (and those you hope will be participants) with email integrated into your event.

  • Drag & drop Email Builder to create professional and beautiful layouts
  • Automatically match the brand of your race website or further customize your email templates
  • Access default email lists of current and previous participants, volunteers, donors, and more
  • Upload unlimited emails and send unlimited emails (it’s still free)
  • Personalize your emails with dynamic data replacement tags

Referral Programs

Automate your referral program and incentivize participants to become ambassadors for your event. When enabled, 7% of all registrations come from referrals!

  • Reward participants who refer their friends by offering an (automatic) refund when they meet a pre-determined number of referrals
  • Activate your super-supporters with swag rewards that collect swag details like shirt size from a referrer once they earn the swag rewards
  • Stack your rewards to keep your best referrers working for you

RaceInsights Analytics

All the data you need to optimize your marketing spend, right at your fingertips.

  • Track the source of every click, registration, donation, and transaction on your race website
  • Create custom source tracking codes to evaluate the success of individual marketing campaigns
  • Quick demographic and geographic reports reveal your participant profile
  • View year-over-year comparisons to monitor changes in registration patterns


Activate a new revenue stream for your Race Management Company, and increase event participation, with Memberships.

  • Create member-specific discounts for all your events, encouraging additional participation.
  • Host member-only events, or allow early access to events to show your appreciation and increase engagement.
  • Sell member-only merchandise, offering joiners another way to show their support.

More Marketing Features..

Coupon Codes

Add individual or bulk coupon codes with flexible parameters for usage and time limitations. Or, share a unique link that automatically adds the coupon code.

Pricing Strategies

Turn your pricing into the ultimate call to action with a curated strategy of age or membership discounts, loyalty programs, or bulk pricing setups.

Social Media

Customize your social sharing messages and images, access automated reports to build custom audiences, and add conversion codes and pixels to track the success of social advertising.

Groups and Teams

Capitalize on the social nature of running with team options for all participants, whether it’s competitive or purely social. 30% of participants will join a team when it’s an option!

RaceDay Features for Race Management Companies

On-Site Registration

Simplify on-site registration kiosks with the specialty settings of on-site registration.

  • Go paperless with an easy on-site registration process
  • Allow card and/or cash payments for your race day registrations
  • Immediately sync race day registrations with the RaceDay CheckIn App and RaceDay Scoring
  • Auto-logout on-site registrants to allow the next participant to register

RaceDay CheckIn App

Make lines a relic of the past with the super-speedy RaceDay CheckIn App.

  • Check in volunteers in seconds with a quick QR scan or search
  • Assign bib numbers in advance or directly from the app
  • Connect to a label printer for personalized labels printed on-site
  • Manage check-in for both participants and volunteers

RaceJoy Tracking App

Activate spectators with real-time runner tracking, available through Certified Timers.

  • Hype up participants through custom cheer sending
  • Keep runners on track with off-course alerts and SOS alerts
  • Track your participants throughout the race with your own tracking dashboard
  • Engage sponsors with in-app ads and custom audio clips

Photo Platform

Extend race day and bring participants back to your website with free RaceDay Photos.

  • Upload unlimited photos from race day, organized into albums
  • Allow participants to contribute their own photos from race day
  • Auto-tag participants based on their bibs
  • Keep participants talking about their event with easy sharing options

More RaceDay Features..

RaceDay Corrals

Make it simple for participants to register in minutes with a dynamic, mobile-friendly, and customizable registration platform.

TXT & Email Notifications

Take advantage of free m marketing tools including email and websites as well as built-in referral programs, incentive-base pricing setups, and

RaceDay Results

Raise more for your nonprofit, charity partner, or multiple charity partners with integrated donations and fundraising tools.

Bib Assignment

Select the right bib assignment option for your event, whether it’s to assign at registration, by upload, or dynamically at check-in.

Fundraising Features for Race Management Companies

Integrated Donations

Encourage giving with a soft donation ask build directly into the registration path.

  • Customize your donation levels to highlight the impact of every donation and increase the average donation amount
  • Add manual donations one at a time or via CSV upload
  • Give donors the option to cover their processing fee to make their donation go even further
  • Enable a simple checkbox prompt at checkout to capture additional donations

Individual Fundraisers

Engage your participants as fundraisers with built-in tools to help them succeed.

  • Each fundraiser has an automatically created fundraiser page with your branding and their own customization options to add messaging and images
  • Empower fundraisers to raise more with an integration with Facebook Fundraisers that syncs donation data from both platforms
  • Add offline donations to a fundraiser page (it’s free)

Team Fundraisers

Bring people together to raise more for your cause with team fundraiser options.

  • Flexible options to join or create a team, with all individual fundraising amounts rolled up to the team total
  • Team fundraising pages (managed by the captain) in addition to individual fundraisers
  • Allow for one or multiple captains for each team

Fundraising Gamification

Make fundraising fun with friendly competition and engaging rewards.

  • Highlight and thank your top supporters with fundraiser leaderboards
  • Set milestones for fundraising goals and add default or custom badges that your fundraisers can collect in their own digital trophy cases
  • Offer refund rewards for fundraisers that reach a specific threshold of fundraising dollars

More Fundraising Features..

Facebook Fundraising

Help your fundraisers to succeed and improve their interaction with your cause by enabling the free RunSignup – Facebook Fundraiser integration.

Multiple Charities

Support one or multiple charities within a single race, with options to pay the charity directly as donations are made.

Fundraising Minimums

Focus on fundraising with minimum fundraising commitments – and opt to waive the fee when the minimum is met (or not).

Fundraiser Email

Guide fundraisers to reach out with an integrated email tool for your fundraisers, including templates for requests, thank you’s, and recruitment.

Customer Spotlight

Central Kentucky Race Management a RunSignup Case Study

“The volunteer platform on RunSignup is a valuable asset because it’s a full-time job managing volunteers without it.” Included with every RunSignup account, it allows volunteers to register to help out with your race just like a participant. Race directors can separate volunteer duties by tasks and times, as well as assign task managers for each group of volunteers. CKRM then uses RunSignup’s email platform to communicate important race details to volunteers.

  • 93.3% Increase in Transaction $ from 2018-2019

  • 15.5K Unique Participants Since Starting with RunSignup

  • $28K Raised for Charity Partners in 2019

DQ Events

Prior to using RunSignup, DQ Events relied on several services for results, email marketing, registration, and websites. The company initially became interested in RunSignup when they saw how easily the platform integrates with various scoring services. The RunSignup platform has streamlined processes for DQ Events, allowing them to access all of their needs in one place.

  • 15.9K Repeat Participants across all RunSignup Races

  • 12 Triathlons + 40 Road Races a Year

  • 100-4,000+ Range of Participants an Event

Advanced Running Project

Advanced Running Project relies on RunSignup’s multi-race bundle feature to turn individual races into a race series. The feature gets rid of the need to register for each race individually and allows participants to sign up for two or more races in a single transaction. ARP has seen an increasing amount of people utilizing this feature to create their own race series.

  • $1700 Raised for Charity across 5 Races

  • 40.5% of Runners on Average Purchase a Multi-Race Bundle

  • 1400 Participants across 5 Races in 2019

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Maximize registrations by leaving online registration open until the gun goes off. RunSignup’s on site registration is perfect for a pre-race expo, packet pickup, or anywhere people need to sign up in person or on race day.

Provide efficient paperless race day registration with streamlined registration process while automatically syncing new registration data with the RaceDay CheckIn app and timer scoring software like RaceDay Scoring.

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Tickets for Track Meets and Tournaments

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Guest Timer: Matt Smeltzer from Competitive Timing

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Tracking Equipment with Rental Essentials

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